Drone Pilot Training

Business Model

As some already do, FIA’s member clubs can provide drone trainings for all kinds of levels from beginner to professionals. In order to do so they could build up facilities where people can practice to fly their drone in special conditions such as strong wind or rains. Clubs could also offer courses that prepare drone pilots for the tests to achieve specific certifications.

Drone Training
Drone Training

Target Customer

Target group is anyone who is interested in flying a drone and acquiring the needed skills. This will on one side be private drone users that need a first introduction but can also be people using drones in professional contexts such as agriculture or inspection.

Value Proposition

The drone trainings will enable everyone to fly their drone safely and be familiar with the most important things one needs to know to safely and legally fly a drone. Moreover, it will equip professionals with the needed skills to fly their drone.

Value Creation

The value is delivered to participants through the drone specific facilities as well as the professional instructors. Courses will consist of theoretical and practical modules. It may be possible that the clubs issue certain certifications themselves.

Revenue Model

Customers would have to pay for the courses, a reduction in the price for club members could be offered.



  • Especially if the regulations change and people need a licence to fly their drone, everyone who owns a drone will need drone training
  • Potentially existing customer base
  • Rather high willingness to pay for certain courses
  • Private courses for events possible


  •  High investment in facilities
  • Relatively labour-intensive
  • Uncertainty regarding licensing in some jurisdictions
The Drone & Vertical Mobility Academy supports FIA Clubs stepping into the third dimension.
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