Drone Testing

Business Model

FIA clubs can test drones and certify them with certain ratings for their costumers, similar to how the clubs are doing it currently for cars, car equipment and infrastructures. With this know-how the clubs can inform members wanting to buy a drone and therefore enable them to get all the information needed for their purchasing decision. The goal of this business model is to bring more transparency to the drone market and, therefore, empower the consumers in the market.

Drone Testing
Drone Testing

Target Customer

Everyone that considers buying a drone. The main focus will be on private drones for the large public but the business model can also be extended into niche markets, such as drones for agriculture.

Value Proposition

As independent test and certification instance FIA members could provide objective assessments of drones in the market. Therefore, the consumers will be able to make a better purchasing decision based on their specific needs.

Value Creation

To be able to conduct the tests and certifications a certain infrastructure to simulate crashes and a variety of special situations has to be built up. Moreover, experts that can make a thorough assessment have to be hired.

Revenue Model

Test reports will be available for free for club members but can only be accessed for a certain fee for non-members. Moreover, individual consultancy for private users could make the business model more profitable. Through the Drone &Vertical Mobility Academy the content can be sold to and shared with clubs worldwide.



  • Visibility to both consumers and professionals
  • Test of drone hardware can be distributed through the entire FIA network
  • Get to know state of the art technology and be up to date regarding trends


  • Willingness to pay for such tests and reports might be limited for non-members
  • Independence is threatened if clubs are paid by hardware producers for the tests
The Drone & Vertical Mobility Academy supports FIA Clubs stepping into the third dimension.
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