Drone Information App

Business Model

Flying a drone requires knowing many technical, legal and security-relevant specifications, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially for private drone pilots it is hard to have an overview of everything that is allowed and forbidden. FIA clubs could develop apps – as some already do – where they inform drone owners of the local specifications and thereby enable them to operate their drones safely.

TCS Drone Information App Screenshot
TCS Drone Information App Screenshot

Target Customer

Private drone users that want to comply with the local rules and regulations. Moreover, the product is very useful for people that are not from the region and therefore don’t know the local specifications.

Value Proposition

With the information provided in the app, the respective club enables private drone users to fly their drone safely and comply with the local rules and regulations.

Value Creation

The customer value is generated by pooling the information relevant for them in a clearly arranged and easy to find manner. Clubs need to research and provide safety-relevant information and keep it up to date.

Revenue Model

The app can either be sold for a certain price per download or can just be a free service for club members. Even if it is free, it can help foster the image of the club in the drone market.



  • Great value for drone pilots
  • Potential large reach to relevant demographic
  • Visibility for club within drone ecosystem
  • Possibility of international cooperation with other clubs for drone pilot support on travel


  • Hard to monetize applications
  • Challenging to keep it up to date as regulations change frequently
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